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Zb Pietrzkowski, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Discovery and Clinical Research(949) 382-9256

Dr. Pietrzkowski heads up the FC R&D team. His vision and experience has made it possible for FutureCeuticals to become a unique and creative voice in the dietary supplement industry. He has 11 years of academic research, 8 years of research in the pharmaceutical industry and 11 years of scientific investigation in the nutraceutical industry. His efforts have resulted in 11 issued patents and 44 published articles to date. His areas of emphasis include development of innovative clinical discovery research methods, new material science, and development of new paradigms to expedite clinical discovery research for the development of new, clinically-validated health products.

Dr. Pietrzkowski has greatly expanded FutureCeuticals R&D capabilities by incorporating recent biotechnological developments in the field of molecular targets & mechanism of action, biomarkers & diagnostics, human molecular physiology, “omics”, and system biology into our research paradigm. These capabilities provide new opportunities to develop cutting-edge, functional and efficacious products that can acutely improve and manage well-being, health-span and lifespan. In conjunction with the greater FutureCeuticals’ team, Zb’s efforts keep FutureCeuticals at the cutting-edge of human nutrition