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Curt DeGraff

Product Line Analyst(815) 507-1423
As Product Line Analyst, Curt is responsible for raw material sourcing, production, inventory, economics, sales and marketing; ultimately ensuring successful product operations for assigned company products.

When asked what he likes most about the company, Curt noted that the atmosphere is positive, professional, and enjoyable which makes it easy to love coming to work every day. He enjoys working with a talented team of people that encourage and challenge one another, sharing the same goals and mindset, and there are a large variety of growth and learning opportunities. “The company makes a point to honor God and strive for excellence, while offering a wonderful working environment with several amenities for its employees,” says Curt.

Prior to joining FutureCeuticals in February 2018, Curt worked for over a decade in the credit card processing industry, and he also worked in the nonprofit sector doing recruitment/admissions, managing donor relations, planning fundraiser initiatives, and implementing strategic marketing vision. Curt has a degree in Communication Arts from Trinity Christian College in 2002.