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The FutureCeuticals’ team brings formidable experience and specialized knowledge to the realm of wholesale dietary supplement, functional food and cosmetic ingredients. Always 100% eager to serve, the FC team provides expertise in clinical and chemical discovery, new product development, custom manufacturing, processing, organic growing, and sales and marketing of the highest quality ingredients.

Meet the Team:

Research Scientist
(949) 502-4496
Ruby is a valuable asset at our Irvine Discovery Research facility. As a Research Scientist, Ruby spends most of her time analyzing human biological marker reactions to natural materials.
Director of New Business
(864) 426-4790

Joe brings over 35 years of experience in the Dietary Supplement industry, primarily with GNC, in various roles from marketing, sales and product development to the FutureCeuticals’ team. His focus is New Business Development and major account support for our sales team.

Account Services Coordinator
(815) 507-1481
Cori joined FutureCeuticals in 2016 with a background of providing detail-oriented internal customer service for an Intellectual Property legal firm in Chicago. She serves clients by processing purchase orders, accommodating sales inquiries, educating on FutureCeuticals products, making product recommendations, and assisting other team members in their customer service...
Graphic Designer & Web Developer
(815) 507-1424

Kim joined FutureCeuticals in 2014 as an addition to the marketing team. Her talents help to establish and maintain a visual and informational presence for each of FutureCeuticals’ many product offerings. She brings over 20 years of award-winning graphic and web design experience from the manufacturing and newspaper industries.

Kim has a Bachelor of Fine Arts...

Account Manager
(815) 507-1488
Jonathan builds relationships with our clients, solves complex problems, and helps deliver on FutureCeuticals’ promise of providing the highest-quality products with the highest-quality service. Jonathan joined FutureCeuticals after serving as an Army Officer attached to the 1st Engineering Battalion stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. He also earned a B.A. in General...
Account Services Coordinator
(815) 507-1411

Georgianne (“George”) has been a valuable member of the FutureCeuticals’ team since 2009, originally as a Customer Service Representative. In her role as an Account Services Coordinator, she enjoys working directly with customers and using her penchant for finding the best deals to her clients’ advantage.

Account Services Coordinator
(815) 507-1403
Heather spent 9 years in Behavioral Services and 2 years in Logistics and Customer Service before finding her home here at FutureCeuticals in 2015 as a Client Relations Specialist. Heather earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Marquette University and a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Olivet Nazarene University.
Product Line Manager
(815) 507-1416

Chad graduated from Purdue Calumet in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. As a Product Line Manager, Chad manages pricing, purchasing, and production on wide range of products. He also works directly with sales to help analyze new potential custom blends and items.

Chad was married in 2013 and he and his wife welcomed their first child in...

Vice President of Operations
(815) 507-1405

As Vice President of Operations, Shawn Evers oversees and manages FutureCeuticals’ day-to-day production, sales, customer service, business and operations in order to ensure that customers get the best products and service in a timely manner. Shawn earned his Bachelor’s degree from Hope College with emphasis on Economics and Business Management. He is passionate for...

Vice President of Sales
(815) 507-1417

Brad joined the FutureCeuticals’ team in 2010. With leadership roles in marketing, product development/clinical research, and legal affairs, he focuses on translating clinical results into value propositions that match consumer need and offer strategic, responsible differentiation for FutureCeuticals’ clients.

Brad has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from...

Product Line Manager
(815) 507-1437
Jon graduated from Calvin College in 2015 with a degree in Mathematics and Education. As a Product Line Manager, Jon manages purchasing, production, inventory, and sales for a variety of ingredients and finalized products. With his organizational skills and mathematical mind, Jon continually works to keep FutureCeuticals running efficiently and proactively.
Vendor Approval and New Material Qualification
(815) 507-1445
Rebekah graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with a Master’s Degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Systemic Physiology with an emphasis in neurobiology and metabolic syndrome in 2010. After earning her degree, she volunteered for AmeriCorps as an Interpreter for Fort Massac State Park designing environmental educational events and programs for children in...
Key Account Executive
(815) 507-1422

PJ joined the FutureCeuticals team in 2011 and is passionate about creating valuable points of differentiation for his customers while building resilient relationships. He serves as the sales lead for companies that span from large multinational corporations to start-ups.

As Seth Godin said, “In the connection economy, the thoughtful, patient, mature and modern...

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
(815) 507-1400

Daphne began working for FutureCeuticals in 2005 as a Lab Assistant. Since 2008, she has served as Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist. Born and raised in Momence, IL, she counts it a privilege to work for a family owned company in her hometown.

Executive Vice President
(815) 507-1470

Since 2001, John Hunter has served as senior advisor to the R&D, business development, legal affairs, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing efforts of FutureCeuticals. When asked about FutureCeuticals, he says…

From the very beginning, leadership, ownership, teamwork and trust have been ingrained within the DNA of FutureCeuticals.

We will go the...

Project Manager
(815) 507-1482
After graduating from the University of Illinois with a Food Science degree, Riley joined the FutureCeuticals team in 2016. Riley’s primary responsibility is taking customer projects from start to finish, which involves the use of existing FutureCeuticals products as well as custom product development.
Production Manager
(815) 507-1410

As Production Manager, Mike contributes to the oversight of all FutureCeuticals’ productions, ensuring regulatory compliance and helping to maintain and improve production efficiency. His computer savvy from previous work as a Tech Manager in the PC industry has allowed him to develop unique tools to organize a complex and consistently tight production schedule in...

Project Manager
(815) 472-3545 ext. 19
Prior to joining FutureCeuticals, Ron held positions in the nutraceutical, agriculture and manufacturing industries. He holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Dordt College, where he was also a six time All-American in Track and Field.
QC Chemist
(815) 507-1466

As a chemist, Colleen specializes in inorganic chemical analysis. Her primary responsibilities include heavy metals and elemental analysis by ICP-MS and the determination of proanthocyanins in various products by spectrophotometric techniques. Prior to joining the FutureCeuticals’ team, Colleen specialized in HPLC analysis in pharmaceuticals.

OC Analyst
(815) 507-1477
Kelly joined FutureCeuticals in 2014 after working primarily in a healthcare laboratory setting for much of her career. Kelly is responsible for wet chemistry testing, UV, and titration work. Kelly says one of the best aspects of working at FutureCeuticals is “having the opportunity to work at a family-owned company.”
Key Account Executive
(815) 507-1412

Patrick works directly with Hartley Pond, VP of Technical Sales, as team leader overseeing a wide-range of clients and projects. He also works directly with customers on developing new sales and managing existing business. Patrick has been working at FutureCeuticals since March 2008

Patrick has an undergraduate degree in International Business from Messiah...

Customer Experience Advocate / Marketing Assistant
(815) 507-1432
Emilly Leone has been with FutureCeuticals since 2009, when she became an intern in the E-Commerce Department. She graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and was promoted to Customer Experience Advocate / Marketing Assistant. Emilly is passionate about helping customers have a delightful experience over the phone and on our website.
Guest Relations Manager
(815) 507-1406

Ed oversees the regulatory compliance of FutureCeuticals’ Production and Quality operations and has earned certification in HACCP, Food Safety Auditing and Inspection, and Food Defense in his 10 years with FutureCeuticals.

With a Masters Degree in Conducting, Ed has an extensive background in music and loves playing the trumpet, piano, and singing.

Account Services Coordinator
(815) 507-1420

After spending 20 years in the media and marketing industries, Mary joined the FutureCeuticals family in 2013. Mary enjoys the day-to-day relationships she has with her clients, and the partnerships that have come from these daily interactions. Mary earned a B.S. in Communications and Journalism from Washington University.

Material Compliance Manager
(815) 507-1425
Justin joined FutureCeuticals after graduating from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Neurobiology and Psychology in 2014. Justin’s main responsibilities include generating COAs and nutritional documentation, coordinating sample testing and data entry, sample shipment, filing production data, and coordinating incoming material testing.
Project Manager
(815) 507-1483
Noah takes approved R&D initiatives and follows them from ideation to production, and everything in between. In addition, he acts as the point person in charge of connecting what happens between the salesperson, the supply chain, and customer. Noah has a Food Science Degree from Purdue University with Pet Food Processing and Horticulture minors.
Analytical Chemist
(815) 507-1464
A local resident, Tony joined the FutureCeuticals lab team in 2013 after working for major pharma companies such as Bayer, Aventis, and Eli Lilly. Tony’s responsibilities include the Botanical Identity testing program using HPTLC...
Account Executive
(203) 984-2951

Jessie joined FutureCeuticals in March 2017 as an account executive. She touts the health benefits of fruit, vegetables, grains, and legumes through the sale of bulk raw materials to the human and pet supplement industries, and works with functional food and beverage customers on exciting application concepts. Jessie enjoys brainstorming custom solutions for clients,...

Senior Director of R&D and Quality Assurance
(815) 507-1427

Dr. Boris Nemzer – senior director of research and development and quality assurance - has been a vital member of the FutureCeuticals team since 2005, and is a professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Urbana, IL). He received his Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry in 1986.

Dr. Nemzer is...

Technical Sales - Contract Manufacturing
(815) 507-1402

As an individual passionate about the biological sciences, Kristi has spent the vast majority of her career in the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in cardiovascular sales. Her time in pharma was characterized by an energy for spectacular and exciting innovation in medicine. She brings that same energy to FutureCeuticals, motivated by our spirit of discovery and...

Finance Manager
(815) 507-1087

Verica is responsible for identifying and evaluating opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue and profitability, as well as collaborating with company leadership to meet profitability goals. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Berkeley College and brings broad experience in accounting and finance.

When not glued to her...

Senior Vice President of Research and Development
(949) 382-9256

Dr. Pietrzkowski heads up the FC R&D team. His vision and experience has made it possible for FutureCeuticals to become a unique and creative voice in the dietary supplement industry. He has 11 years of academic research, 8 years of research in the pharmaceutical industry and 11 years of scientific investigation in the nutraceutical industry. His efforts have...

Senior Vice President
(707) 575-9358

Hartley grew up in New England, and once out of college moved to the Rocky Mountains and began a decade of working in ski towns pursuing a life-long passion for biking and skiing. He settled in California and taught English at Mendocino College, and during the summers found himself working for the California Department of Agriculture. He did not know it at the time,...

Purchasing Manager
(815) 507-1428

Debbie has been with FutureCeuticals since 2004, joining the team with over 10 years of experience in procurement. As Purchasing Manager, she works with the FutureCeuticals purchasing department to ensure consistent supply of quality, safe ingredients from around the world.

Office Manager
(815) 507-1429

Joy has been a valuable member of the FutureCeuticals’ team since 2002. She wears many hats in her role as office manager and is insistent on ensuring that every team member and visitor is taken care of and comfortable. With a unique perspective on FutureCeuticals’ growth over the years, she takes pride in working in this dynamic environment in her hometown of...

QC Chemist
(815) 507-1465

Dawn graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Biology degree in 2003. Previously engaged in R&D on vegetable oil, she found a home at FutureCeuticals in 2009. Currently, she is a QC Chemist in our Analytical Lab, and is responsible for most irradiation detection, UV, and HPLC analyses for our products.


In July 2017, Dr. Rangavajla was brought on to serve as FutureCeuticals' Chief Science Office (CSO). His vast knowledge of the industry and technical expertise leads the Research and Development (R...

Dr. Reyes is a key member of the FutureCeuticals Discovery Research team in Irvine, California. Most of Dr. Reyes' work revolves around the careful analysis of the human body's physiological and chemical reactions to fruit, vegetable, and grain-based materials.
Account Manager
(815) 507-1419

Cory brings a great depth of knowledge from the food manufacturing sector to the FutureCeuticals team. Joining FutureCeuticals in 2013, Cory has quickly become a valuable resource for FutureCeuticals partners. Cory earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Human Resources from Purdue University.

Product Analyst
(815) 507-1404
Andy joined our team in 2015 as a Client Relations Specialist. He is a graduate of Trinity Christian College, and prior to joining FutureCeuticals, Andy worked a Case Manager/Emergency Services Specialist for a regional health center.
Technology Development Director
(815) 507-1421

Dr. Sikorski received his undergraduate training in chemistry and biochemistry at Bradley Univ. and his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa in Organic Chemistry. After several years in academia, he began working in product development for a national nutritional retailer, specializing in product formulations and developing multi-million dollar product lines. Currently he...

Employee Development and Recruiting Manager
(815) 507-1440
Christie joined FutureCeuticals in 2010 after a 17-year career in Chicago with JPMorgan Chase in the commercial banking and talent/development areas. Her passion is helping others to be the best people and employees they can be, and she uses her talents and focus every day to help make this an even better place. She is in her “dream job” because she gets to help others...
Identity Testing Compliance Coordinator
(815) 507-1433
Logan Smith joined the Quality Department at FutureCeuticals in 2016. Because of heightened concern for product integrity, his position focuses on meeting regulatory and customer requirements regarding product identity. Logan graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in 2014 with a degree in chemistry, and previously worked in a quality assurance laboratory. Having grown...
Technical Sales - Sports Nutrition
(815) 507-1418

As a Technical Sales Representative at FutureCeuticals, Mark is able to utilize his degree in Exercise Physiology to the benefit of both his clients and teammates. A certified personal trainer with 20 years experience in the Health...

Director of E-commerce
(815) 507-1441
Joe Suppes received his B.S. in BioMedical Sciences from Marquette University and has worked in the health food and natural products industry for over 13 years. He currently leads the E-commerce team as they focus on content development, product development, and web development. Joe is passionate about God, his family and helping others to achieve better health.
Formulation Manager
(815) 507-1452

Ali began her career at FutureCeuticals as an intern, and now is dedicated to product formulations and processing sample requests. In addition, Ali works closely with the FutureCeuticals Quality department to ensure proper management of material testing, project data, and sample retentions.

Van Drunen
(815) 507-1430

Jeff Van Drunen brings an inclusive, vibrant and entrepreneurial spirit to FutureCeuticals. He serves as a constant inspiration to the entire team. FutureCeuticals was born out of a dream and passion for bringing higher quality raw materials to the dietary supplement and functional food industry. Jeff leveraged his years of experience in developing the food ingredient...

Vander Zee
Sr. Account Services Coordinator
(815) 507-1407

Steve joined the FutureCeuticals team in 2012, bringing over 20 years of excellence in Customer Service. Steve is a graduate of Trinity Christian College, where he majored in Business Administration and minored in Psychology.

Account Manager
(815) 507-1487
Andrew came to FutureCeuticals in 2016 with a solid background in B2B customer service in a highly technical environment. A Business Management and Sports Management graduate from Calvin College, Andrew works closely with account managers and interdisciplinary team members in order to provide a seamless experience for our customers.
Vice President and General Counsel
(815) 507-1439

Randy serves as FutureCeuticals’ General Counsel and is the Company’s senior legal advisor. In addition, Randy plays senior leadership roles in marketing, quality, product development, and FutureCeuticals’ overall strategic focus and direction. Prior to joining FutureCeuticals, Randy practiced law with Sidley Austin LLP for over 15 years, and was a partner for more...

Director of Marketing
(815) 507-1415

Andrew leads the development and implementation of global strategic communications programs in the areas of branding, public relations, marketing communications, and staff communications and training. Andrew holds a M.A. in Media Communications and Training from Governors State University.

Marketing Brand Manager
(815) 507-1413

Working in a culture that encourages creative thinking and nurtures both professional and personal growth is what interested Ryan in FutureCeuticals back in February 2009. Ryan's primary focus is analyzing the supplement and functional food markets, and connecting emerging trends to the unique FutureCeuticals family of products. Ryan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree...

Research Associate Scientist
(815) 507-1455
After spending 10 years as a research scientist in academia, Susan joined FutureCeuticals in 2016. Among other lab responsibilities, she performs phospholipids residues for drum dried products, pesticides screening, mycotoxins detection, analyzes metabolites and biomolecular markers in biological samples by using LC/MS and GC/MS techniques. Susan holds a Ph.D in Chemical...
Associate Analytical Chemist
(815) 507-1475
Matt performs day to day technical support of lab equipment and creates PO’s for new orders. He provides ID testing using FTIR, nutritional minerals and inorganic impurities by ICP-MS, ion chromatography for nitrites/nitrates analysis, protein analysis using plate-reader/gel electrophoresis, as well as gas chromatography for residual solvents. Matt is a Chemistry major at...