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FutureCeuticals is one of the world’s foremost processors of cranberries for the nutraceutical and functional food industries. Our VitaCran® line of cranberry products is a comprehensive array of North America’s beloved superfruit made using the finest naturally grown cranberries and proprietary technologies.

The VitaCran line features cranberry powders and extracts carefully standardized to meet specific levels of organic acids and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC). VitaCran products include:

  • VitaCran® Cranberry Powder, 6% quinic acid, 3% OPC, 400 ORAC μmole TE/g, Freeze-Dried (N14)
  • VitaCran® Organic Cranberry Powder, 6% quinic acid, 0.6% anthocyanins, 2% OPC, Freeze-dried (N14.9)
  • VitaCran® Cranberry Powder, 30% organic acids, 200 ORAC μmole TE/g, 1.5% OPC, Drum-dried (N13.2)
  • VitaCran® Cranberry Powder, 4% quinic acid, 200 ORAC μmole TE/g, 1.5% OPC, Drum-dried (N13)
  • CranForte® FutureCeuticals powerful, unique combination of cranberry, grape seed extract, and citric acid, 30% organic acids, 10% OPC , and 1500 ORAC μmole TE/g (N700)
  • Cranberry Powder 90% Cranberry Solids, Drum-dried (N13.3)
  • Cranberry Powder, Spray-dried (N440)