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VitaBlue® Pure American Blueberry Extract

VitaBlue® is the only 100% pure blueberry extract made exclusively from prized, high-quality American blueberries.

This one-of-a-kind nutritional treasure is FutureCeuticals’ answer to an increasing demand for a clean blueberry extract with a phytochemical profile that exactly matches that of natural blueberries.

FutureCeuticals compared the polyphenolic profile of VitaBlue® to separate lots of fresh American blueberries. Twenty-eight phenolic compounds were detected in the fresh American blueberries, and the exact same twenty-eight phenolic compounds were detected in VitaBlue® American Blueberry extract and in exactly the same proportion as their fresh equivalent.

Standardized to 12% anthocyanins, VitaBlue® (N1077) contains no carriers and delivers the incomparable range of polyphenols found in the fresh American blueberry in their naturally occurring proportions.

VitaBlue® is authentic. We know. We process over 4.5 million pounds of blueberries every year.

You can count on VitaBlue®. Always authentic, always pure, and always grown American.

VitaBlue®: the World’s Only True American Blueberry Extract.

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