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VDF Soy Isoflavones®

VDF Soy Isoflavones® are soy supplements standardized to various levels of isoflavones. Growing in popularity, much research has been devoted to exploring the role of soy in human health. For example, clinical studies have associated soy supplementation with reduced lipoprotein levels. Studies have also shown that soy can improve biomarkers associated with the oxidative breakdown of lipids and vascular reactivity, that is, the reaction of the vascular system to a physical challenge or stressor. Additionally, a growing body of research indicates the potential benefits of soy for women’s health concerns such as symptoms of menopause and hormone balance.

VDF Soy Isoflavones from FutureCeuticals are high in aglycones, making them the most bioavailable and easily absorbed of all isoflavones.

The VDF Soy Isoflavones line includes:

  • 10% Soy Isoflavones (N36)
  • 20% Soy Isoflavones (N37)
  • 40% Soy Isoflavones (N38)
  • 64% Soy Isoflavones (N308.1)
  • 80% Soy Isoflavones with typical levels of 40% Genistein and 30% Daidzein (N114)