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High in fiber and rich in antioxidants, oats are widely recognized and consumed as a staple health product in the American diet.

Research shows that soluble fiber in the form of oat beta-glucans can lower serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose levels. Oat beta-glucans lower cholesterol by binding to cholesterol-producing fats and carrying them out of the body through natural digestion. Lowering cholesterol and blood glucose levels can greatly reduce the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Oats have also been shown to boost immune responses, regulate blood sugar and lower risk for type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and childhood asthma.

Among its nutrients, the oat also contains manganese, selenium, vitamin B1, dietary fiber, magnesium, protein and phosphorous.

FutureCeuticals is a leader in the development and manufacture of all-natural, functional oat products uncommonly suited to wide-ranging applications, including functional foods, ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink beverages, and even baked goods.

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