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elemin® Senonian Trace Minerals is the complete ultra mineral package. Our GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) plant-derived mineral powder, elemin® is cold-water extracted from a pre-historic plant deposit replete with the full spectrum of healthy, naturally-chelated elements and minerals. This 100% water-soluble fine white powder contains more than 70 plant-based, small particle minerals, including the full-range of lesser-known minerals that may have served as important co-factors in our biological development. Many of these minerals have been stripped from our soils and are no longer available in our modern diets.

Concentrated and dried by FutureCeuticals’ proprietary process, elemin® Senonian Trace Minerals is manufactured in carefully monitored cGMP and HAACP food-compliant facilities and is Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

elemin® is ideal for functional foods and beverages and finds many applications in drinks, energy and nutritional bars and dietary supplements. elemin® is also available in liquid form.

elemin has earned self-affirmed GRAS status for use in food and beverages. Per FDA regulations, self-affirmed GRAS status is only granted after careful expert review in order to confirm the safety of using the product under the intended conditions.

  • elemin Powder Plant-Derived Trace Minerals (N881.1)
  • elemin Liquid Plant-Derived Trace Minerals (N881.2)