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Coffeeberry® Cascara

Where nutrition, innovation, and sustainable agriculture all come together.

Coffeeberry® is a unique and powerful line of coffee fruit ingredients. Once a waste stream of coffee production, Cascara has since moved center stage in the functional food and beverage space.

As the pioneer of coffee fruit nutrition, FutureCeuticals discovered an eco-friendly path that preserves the cascara (Spanish for "husk"; the skin and pulp of the coffee fruit) and all the nutritional goodness found within. Coffeeberry® cascara + bean products contain naturally higher levels of fiber, protein and antioxidants compared to other super fruits. Only FutureCeuticals preserves both the cascara and bean, for a superior nutritional profile.

By preserving the cascara, FutureCeuticals brings opportunity and revenue streams to family plantations, and reintroduces coffee fruit nutrition to the world.

FutureCeuticals features an entire line of cascara products:

Coffeeberry® cascara products:

Coffeeberry® patented coffee fruit extracts:

Coffeeberry® coffee fruit extracts are covered by pending US and foreign applications, and one or more of the following patents: US 7,815,959, US 8,597,710, US 8,603,564, US 7,807,205, US 7,754,263 and US 8,603,563.