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Coffeeberry® Brand Coffee Fruit

Coffeeberry® Brand is a trademarked term suggestive of a line of environmentally friendly, proprietary, patented products derived from the whole cherries of the coffee plant, Coffea Arabica. Whole coffee cherries are a hotbed of nutrients, including scientifically studied coffee phenolic acids, protective plant-based antioxidants, essential monosaccharides and other beneficial phytochemicals.

An exclusive innovation in nutrition technology, the Coffeeberry® line of coffee cherry products feature higher levels of many potentially beneficial coffee compounds than typical brewed coffee and several unique compounds not found in the coffee bean alone.

FutureCeuticals’ Coffeeberry® Brand coffee cherry product line includes:

  • Coffee Fruit Powder (N287.1)*
  • Coffee Fruit Powder, Organic (N447)*
  • Coffee Fruit Granules (N287)*
  • Coffee Fruit Granules, Organic (N287.5)*
  • Coffee Fruit Soluble Powder (N1238)
  • Coffee Fruit Soluble Powder, Organic (N1238.1)
  • Coffee Fruit Extract (N580)*
  • Coffee Fruit Extract for Cosmetics (N1025)
  • Coffee Fruit Extract for Cosmetics, Organic (N1025.1)
  • Coffeeberry® Energy Coffee Fruit Caffeine (N920.4)*
  • Coffeeberry® Energy Coffee Fruit Caffeine, Organic (N1205)*
  • Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Juice Powder (N1133)
  • Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Liquid Concentrate (N1203)

More information on the Coffeeberry® Brand coffee cherry story, the product line, and the growing body of research is available at

Coffeeberry® Brand coffee cherry products and processes are covered by pending US and foreign applications, and one or more of the following patents: US 6,572,915, US 7,754,263, US 7,807,205, and US 7,815,959.

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