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Calorie ControlTrim®

Calorie ControlTrim® (N170.3) is an all-natural USDA-developed and patented oat product featuring 20% oat beta-glucan levels. Designed to maximize the benefits of oats, Calorie ControlTrim is produced with a patented technology developed by the USDA that creates a formulation-friendly product made from whole grain. Organic Calorie ControlTrim (N679) is also available.

Unlike typical oat based ingredients, Calorie ControlTrim imparts a smooth, creamy mouth feel and is dispersible in solution and has a neutral taste. Calorie ControlTrim also remains stable across a broad range of pH and at baking temperatures, making it ideal for products that normally would not be able to include grain ingredients. Due to Calorie ControlTrim’s high beta glucan content per serving, you can easily use formula- and budget-friendly amounts to meet your health claim or formulation needs.