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Black currant extract and organic black current powder come from black currant, the shrub that produces berries used for jellies, jams and desserts.

USDA data suggests blackcurrants boast up to fourteen times the vitamin C, nine times the calcium, eight times the iron, five times the magnesium, three times the potassium and two times the zinc of other fruits.

FutureCeuticals is a primary supplier of Blackcurrant powders and extracts to the dietary supplements and functional food and beverage markets.

Our VitaCurrant® line of Blackcurrant products includes:

  • Blackcurrant Powder, 300 ORAC μmole TE/g with a typical level of 1.45% anthocyanins, Freeze-dried (N451)
  • VitaCurrant® Blackcurrant Extract, minimum 25% anthocyanins and 6,000 ORAC μmole TE/g (N452)