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BarleyTrim® (N458) is barley powder produced using a USDA-developed technology. A free-flowing powder standardized to 15% minimum barley beta-glucan, BarleyTrim® is eligible for the FDA heart health claim for barley beta-glucan.

The risks of elevated levels of glucose and insulin and insulin resistance can increase with age and weight gain. Insulin resistance has been associated with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. The body’s ability to control blood glucose levels with normal levels of insulin is key to protecting against the development of diabetes.

In a clinical study conducted by the USDA, BarleyTrim® was shown to improve glucose and insulin response in men who were mildly insulin-resistant.

Unlike typical barley-based ingredients, BarleyTrim® imparts a smooth, creamy mouth feel, is dispersible in solution and has a neutral taste. BarleyTrim® also remains stable across a broad range of pH and at baking temperatures. Its dispersibility and smooth mouth feel make it ideal to deliciously incorporate the healthy attributes of barley into products that normally would not be able to include grain ingredients. BarleyTrim can also serve as an excellent fat replacer in food products and may provide caloric reduction. BarleyTrim® provides a “high-fat” experience in a “low fat” matrix.

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