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AncienTrim is a formulation-friendly powder made from the ancient grains amaranth, barley, buckwheat, durum, millet, chia, quinoa and spelt.

Manufactured using FutureCeuticals' USDA-developed TRIM technology, AncienTrim makes it possible to add the protein, fiber and essential amino acids of ancient grains to smoothies, beverages, soups and more—without any of the typical challenges associated with grain products. AncienTrim imparts a smooth, creamy mouth feel, is nicely dispersible in solution, and has a neutral taste. AncienTrim also remains stable across a broad range of pH and baking temperatures.

AncienTrim (N668) is ideal for use in nutraceutical and functional food products and beverages geared towards heart health management, glucose management and healthy digestion.

Organic AncienTrim (N668.1) is also available.

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